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The factory is equipped with up-to-date machines for the manufacture of solid body furniture with basic materials, laminated chipboard and MDF such as:

  • Horizontally panel cutting panel saw OPTIMAT (Holzma) with a CPU
  • Sliding table saw ALTENDORF with CNC angle cutting controls
  • Edging machine PROFI KDN (Brandt) with CPU
  • Edging machine Felder with CPU, high speed
  • Drilling center Biesse ROVER 3-axis for cutting out curved pieces
  • Biesse SKIPPER drilling CNC center for high speed multiple drilling with two tables
  • Hand edging machine for curved parts Optimat KTD 720
  • Curved edging cutout machine Optimat FTK 130
  • Vacuplus Press for shape forming, bending, and laminating, veneering and HPL coating of shaped and curved parts
  • Cold electronic press for gluing and assembly of furniture pieces
  • Hot hydraulic press ORMA Digit Olio for gluing, laminating, veneering and HPL coating of flat surfaces parts
  • GOTTSCHILD automatic Sanding and Polishing machine for MDF, veneered and massive wood parts
  • Chamber line ALTO BRILLO for painting and drying parts or assembled units with water or PU based paints and/or lacquers