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Office furniture

MIM BULGARIA has standard solutions for desks and cabinets for the office, which, of course, we can also produce in non-standard sizes according to the specifics of the project, and in individual colors at the request of the client. In addition to the office workstations, we can also build receptions, locker rooms, dining areas, rest rooms, meeting rooms and kitchens.

Hotel and apartment furniture

 Except in the field of office furniture specialists of MIM Bulgaria are also talented in creating furniture for hotels and apartments. The focus on product quality and the client’s satisfaction is the necessary precondition for building a cozy environment that features a modern look and sustainable performance.

Custom-made furniture

In addition to the serial production of furniture, MIM BULGARIA implements non-standard furniture solutions according to a given project by external designers and architects, which meets the specific requirements of the client in the design of offices, hotels, apartments, restaurants and dormitories throughout the country and abroad.